Midnight Warbonnet NS
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  • Midnight Warbonnet NS
  • Midnight Warbonnet NS
  • Midnight Warbonnet NS

Midnight Warbonnet NS

  • Sanforized
  • Fabric: Midnight - Indigo Warp / Black Weft
  • Slim Straight Cut
  • High Stitch Count
  • Chainstitched Using Union Special 43200G
  • Shell Stitched Outseam
  • Felled Seams
  • Zipper Fly
  • Stripe Cotton Lining
  • Polycore Threads
  • Hidden Rivets
  • Copper Finish Washer-Burr Rivets



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Price and order
  • Rp.620.000

The combination of the black weft and the slim straight sihlouette brought up, gives a feeling of personal comfort when worn. It is not loud, yet it speaks to other people. It is how all jeans should be: loud, but does not overpower the user.

For the first time ever, we are presenting a jeans in a Warbonnet cut with using a non-selvedge denim fabrication. Still with every inch of detail we used in the last Warbonnet we released, it also features some other details only featured in our (NS) articles. The shell stitch on the outseam and the thin patch are a few of them.

Midnight (NS) is a new material we are using. The Midnight (NS) denim has the darkest shade of indigo we have ever used, it might be our favorite color so far! Even though the warp is the usual indigo color found in most of our denim items, what makes the Midnight (NS) special is the black weft. Not the first choice of color when it comes to a colored weft, usually people opt for a brighter color.


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