Let's start by introducing one of our main collaborators in this EMPTY ROOM collection, Adriel (@adrieladg). While he was such a pleasure to work with, so is talking to him for this interview. Before, we were keen to make this interview in a semi-documentary format where we follow him with camera rolling for a more immersive dig into the artist's mind, but current pandemic and all the stay home situation made us reconsider - and happily, Adriel was still eager to tell his side of story by tele-communication.

What comes on top of mind, if we ask you to describe a little about yourself?

I’ve been fascinated in art and design since the early days. Maybe to be born and raised in Jakarta and the surroundings made me do it. I’m really into experimenting my artwork using different methods, combining lots of different traditional tools and trying something digitally. But in daily basis, I work as a graphic designer and pretty much just hangout with friends.

Say something about your interest in life.

I think I'm a very curious person, basically I'm really interested in anything. But mostly it's music, film, arts, design even technology and the life itself. I guess.

The artwork you've done with our Glide Shirts really sparkled. What was your main inspiration?

From some of the researches that I did, I finally collected some of the main ideas and inspirations when creating artwork for Elhaus is the word Distortion. Experimented with distorted forms, five dimensional spheres, human shape, machinery and buildings. I combined all the visual together but still implemented the negative space to give a certain feel of space filling mechanism. To be honest, I put a slight personal thoughts in the artwork that I made. It is the relationship between the way humans think with the existence of technology in this modern era that will produce something innovative and also an exciting problem. It will affect the way we as humans think and find ways to get the best results for all aspects that exist in our lives.

Let's dig deeper into your works with Tangan Besi (@tanganbesi_net). What was the creative process behind it?

Actually being able to collaborate with Tangan Besi at that time was not planned beforehand, I was very excited when I got the chance to collaborate with him. The process was very simple, from the beginning of making the rough sketch of the overall design and then gradually developed with traditional painting using different type of tools. But the assets were divided into several categories, I sent the assets to Tangan Besi to be proccesed. The results that have been developed by him were sent back to me to be combined with the assets that I had made. That was really something new for me, and I was very impressed with the results. All discussion about the ideas and technical process are only through group chat or email back and forth throughout the creative process.

So even before the pandemic, you still used to the process of communicating back and forth within distance. Makes us wonder what you do in your free time at quarantine, maybe recommend us something to watch in these times?

Natural Born Killers (1993)
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996)
Jackie Brown (1997)
The Station Agent (2003)
The Man from Earth (2007)
Black Dynamite (2009)

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