Inside Talks: Austin McMahon of MAPLE

Before we drop the collaboration piece we did with MAPLE, we decided it's quite interesting if we do a little QnA to show you guys what the man behin MAPLE is all about. It's always interesting to share the story of our friends, and as we always say, it's more important to stay connected with each other in times like this.

Tell us your story. What is the inspiration behind Maple and how did you get this project off the ground?

Big question... The inspiration for MAPLE is always evolving I would say. There's a big influence of music and nostalgia, referencing things from my childhood as well as current happenings in the world. Skateboarding, djing and hip hop were big influences for me as a kid. I guess I originally got the project off the ground through a job at HAVEN early on at their first store.

How does Maple fit into the community, and what community do you think it really represents?

I don't think it represents one certain community, to me it's all things underground. The last thing I would want to be is mainstream. I would like the success of a mainstream label but there is a level of authenticity I always want to uphold. Where do we fit into the community? I'm not totally sure haha, we've wedged ourselves somewhere in between the high end contemporary and streetwear market.

You have distinct characteristics in your jewellery, what are some of your inspiration, and what is the creative process behind it?

Man, there is so much inspiration everywhere that's influencing my decisions with MAPLE. To be honest, a lot of designs are random thoughts that drop into my head. I'll write down ideas, do little drawings, take photos and upload into a folder that I keep all my design references. From there I like to start with a shape or dimensions and then start to cross reference ideas within it. I don't have a background in design so that's the process I've developed over the years.

How’s the collaboration going with elhaus and what do you feel about it?

I'm feeling good about it! We made it quite a while ago so it was cool to see how many people actually understood the idea behind it and also loved the shirt enough to buy it during COVID.

What is the most important thing amongst your collaboration?

Probably that they are genuine. I don't do many collaborations, it can be hard to collaborate with a bigger business or retailer. I like to collab when it's with friends :)

How do you think this pandemic situation affect what you are doing, and what kind of plans do you have for Maple in the near future?

It's hard to say, it's definitely effecting the retailers which in turn is effecting the designers i.e: canceled orders, losing income etc. It seems as though we will be forced into a more direct to consumer business world. But I'm really hoping all the stores will weather the storm and survive. I'm not making any big plans for the company because the future is so uncertain. But my plan is to continue doing what I love, which is creating and working with friends. Being mindful and supporting their small businesses and restaurants during Covid so we all come out of this on top.