Interview: Dwiky KA

As an artist, Surabaya-based illustrator Dwiky’s works speaks much more than just visual appeals. We reached him out and for a period of time, started to combine our interest - just enough to start a collaboration.

Seeing your work, there’s so much to think about, especially extra terrestrial. Why?
I’m really interested in everything transcendental - means things that are outside of our normal perception, boundaries of thoughts or reality. Because for me, both reality and fiction are the same. In a way, they are both relative. One interesting thought is about extraterrestrial being. I often imagine, in the fact that human is just a microscopic dust in the realms of universes (microcosmos) then there must be undefineable amount of things happening out there. This is what I’ve been exploring on until now, my source of inspiration, ideas, art forms, a story to tell.

Your art seems to be much influenced by comic books. Is that true? If it is, what inspired you the most?
It is true that almost half of my works are inspired by comic books illustrations and aesthetics. I think all comic books are interesting, especially sci-fi themed ones. They are often offers different, interesting point of views, much more interesting than (news of our) nation’s condition right now. Most of my inspirations come from classic Indonesian comic books, even though I also find impulses in the works of foreign underground comic books such as Rick Griffin and Victor Moscoco. They both excels in delivering such interesting visual and symbols, while for storytelling I’d rather prefer the works of Charles Burns and Moebius.

Besides comic books, what things, in general, has build your appetite towards your art?
I find many inspirations in philosophy theories. Of course music plays a role as well, but it’s not dominant to say the least. And nothing can be said about the genre being specific. I listen to stoner rock, doom metal, and punk - it changes according to moods and feels. But ideologically, black metal fascinates me the most - it shares the same spiritual concepts often found in Javanese culture.

Tell us more about your works now, or your upcoming project.
I have several upcoming projects, such as art exhibition collaborating with local artists and underground musicians. If everything goes well, there will also be a solo exhibition. I’m still working on it right now, with different medias such as comic books, paintings, printmaking, etc.

About sci-fi. Since we are all into it so much. Name two fictional character: one you wish to see in person, and another one you wish to see dead.
Let me see... Maybe Son Goku is the one I want to meet. He is the very first character I tried to draw as a little kid. As the one I’d like to see gone - it’s probably Mr. Manhattan from Watchmen. For me, the guy’s terrifying. If his existence is real, I don’t know what will happen to earth. Better he’s gone.

Photographed by: Yudhistira Purwa
Instagram: @dwikyka