Streamline Nexus Noir Black & Neo Indigo

Today we are debuting our new line of product, an object we are excited to release. After a long road of full of sandstorms and found objects we had the goal to built a simple and utilitarian footwear that is a product of engineered comfort for extended use.


We approached this product, as we do in any of our products. With the utmost affection. We did not only want to create a simple shoe, but a pair of shoes that represent our condition, our being, our presence today with design thinking by our affection towards merging the past and the future.

Developed for the everyday use, the daily commute, the 500 foot pace we nervously do before travel. We have utilized our knowledge of production and development to ensure it fits like a glove, not a grip. Looking for the most unique material, we look to a hidden junkyard in Far Eastern landscape, that is renowned for being a place where the world throws away one of a kind attributed items.

With details such as the lateral zipper on the upper, utility and style with uncompromised comfort is visible even to the untrained.
The Streamline Nexus are available in both Noir & Neo Indigo.