Style Profile: Sekan (Jiwa Jiwa)

We managed to catch up with our old friend Sekan from Jiwa Jiwa records, whilst strolling in his city of Amsterdam. We asked a few question, and spent a chill evening together. Here's some of them talks you wouldn't wanna miss out.

Hi Sekan! thankyou so much for your time in here, in Amsterdam.

Tidak masalah! Thank you for hooking me up with all the nice pieces!

When did you start exposed indonesian music? and who were your early passions and influences?

My first Indonesian Music exposure was through my family, who are from Medan. But that was mostly Dutch pressed krontjong records. When I started digging for the music that I love which is mostly black music like soul, funk, disco, boogie. I came accross music from The Rollies and Gito Rollies. A track that was a major influence for me wanting to start Jiwa Jiwa was “Hidup” by the New Rollies. It’s also quite fitting since “Hidup” means life :). From there on I started to dig deeper on the internet and had some knowledge of what was out there. But it wasn’t until mid 2016 until I first went to Indonesia that I found out how much amazing stuff is out there and I’m very thankful to have a lot of this music already in my collection. But I also can’t wait to go back with the knowledge I have now and go back for more. 

What do you do in your daily life beside being a selector?

Besides dj’ing and working on Jiwa Jiwa not only as a record label or musical outlet. I see it as a cultural platform to share my insights on what being Indo means to me, or other indo’s around the globe. So that doesn’t always have to mean music. But of course it’s the main ingredient to piece it all together. So I’m very glad to say that besides Jiwa Jiwa I’m working at Rush Hour. One of europe’s biggest recordstores and distribution channels for a wide variety of music. You can find me in the shop, so if you’re ever around don’t hasitate to drop in and say hi :). 

You always mix Indonesian song, why do you choose Indonesian song inside your mixtape?

Since Jiwa Jiwa is so intertwined with The stuff I already play (Soul, Funk, Boogie, House, Hiphop, Electro and a lote more) it’s only right to play this stuff out to bigger crowds and introduce them to all the great music that is out there.

Best pieces of Indonesian Records you found?

There is just too much to name. But if I had to name one it would be “Licik” by Delly Rollies. 

Best Indonesian experience?

Being on Samosir Island all by myself and experiencing the magic that surrounds Lake Toba. Toba is where my father and his family used to go on vacation to when he was little and were living in Medan. It felt very special and for me it was also sort of a “vacation” during my 3 month vacation haha, which I spent mostly digging and travelling all over Indonesia. So to be in one place for more than a week was very special and also not planned. I was only gonna be there for 2 or 3 nights initially.

Amsterdam + 20 euro + Night Out —> GO?

Clubbing in Amsterdam is pretty good if you come from places which don’t have such a rich nightlife culture as we do. But the thing with having too much of something is that you get spoiled haha. So I like to go to smaller veneus with friends and just hang out and have a beer like at Garage Noord, or for a exceptionally good beers go to Belgique or De Spuyt. But if you wanna get the full on club night experience you should go to De School, but I don’t think 20 euro’s would be enough for a whole night ;)