Wayfarer Shirt

$ 116 USD

Another product that represents a blurred distinction between vintage and contemporary fashion. The only long-sleeve shirt that exists in this 2018 Spring/Summer season, Wayfarer shirt.

One classic infamous pattern; Wabash, conspicuously stands all over the shirt. Wabash is an Indigo fabric that goes through discharge dyeing process, where its patterns and prints on the fabric are the byproducts of the process. This fabric undoubtedly represents the classic feeling of early 1800s railroad work force. The pouch-pocket silhouette increases a bit of vintage-feeling’s intensity. Still, the contemporary ambience can be effortlessly seen through the cut of this wayfarer shirt. A modern piece of shirt has never looked this timeless.

Size Chart (centimeters) Width Length Sleeve
S 53 76 57
M 56 78 59
L 59 80 61
XL 62 82 63

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