Shepherd Jacket Ridge 3L Asphalt

$ 196 USD

While it plays a pivotal role in our ever-transforming needs of advancement clothing, initial approach for the Shepherd Jacket has never been a static one. Progression is key, and no new shape is born without this main idea in mind.

This is an upgrade dedicated to all Shepherds existed before. Not only with the 3L fabric gains a continuous improvement in handling weather problems, the cut and bound seams also made sure the waterproof and weatherproof ability is well-conducted in various test and runs.

Front strap on chest and multiple straps on top of body comes with 100% nylon webbing with YKK acetal hardware for quick fastening purposes. Body sling for optional carrying method. Clean appearance, inside and out.


Size Chart (centimeters) Width Length Sleeve
S 51 68 61
M 55 72 62
L 59 76 63
XL 63 80 64

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