I have received my jeans, but I can’t fasten the top button.
The top button in some cases will be hard to fasten, we recommend for you to choose a cut that you can button in your preferable size. Or check out our exchange policy if you want to opt for another size.

I like the fit on my pair, will I be using the same size if I want to buy another cut?
The easiest way to know for sure is to measure your pair, because the measurements might be different from it’s initial condition, due to the wearing. You can compare those measurements to our size charts. Another way is to pay a visit to our store and try out a pair!

How do you measure your jeans?
Please check out our “How do we measure?” section of this website to get a more detailed explanation.

Should I soak my jeans before wearing them?
Initial soaking only needs to be done to our unsanforized articles. Please note that soaking an unsanforized product will cause shrinking. Check out the description on each product’s page to make sure if it made out of a sanforized or unsanforized material and how much will it shrink if it is the latter.

Can you hem/taper my pair?
No, unfortunately we currently don’t offer any tailoring services. We suggest you to go to your regular tailor to do so or find a reputable one in assisting you in shortening or tapering your jeans.

When my package will be shipped?
Your package will be shipped in the same day if invoice has been paid and confirmed before 12 p.m. Shipping occurs every weekdays (except holiday) at 6 p.m. then airway bill will be issued the day after.

Can I exchange to another size?
Please refer to our Exchange & Return Policy regarding this matter.

What should I do if my rivet/button snaps off?
Please send us a picture of your pair with the problem, we deal with these situations on a case by case basis.

Can I get a refund if I want to return my order?
No, we do not offer refunds for all purchases.