Field Shirt Selvedge Khaki

$ 136 USD
We strive to fully deliver the story behind each fabrics involved in this collection - and thus inspired the creation of this piece: an amalgam for everything happening in this assortment.

Taking American classics fatigue style and putting our experimental spin on them - the military jacket is an example of a piece that the we constantly reinvents. It's made of Ramie fiber, that known as one of high performance material. The fabric has ability to hold shape and reduce wrinkling. But this time we use raw ramie fiber, it still has raw ramie pulp poking trough allover the fabric.

The fabric weaved in shuttle loom, so it has a selvedge edge. We put the selvedge on the front placket and cuff.

This combat shirt is classic, but redefined. It has spread collar and equipped with combat pockets in the front. The patchwork on this piece are felled and done cleanly without any over lock stitch. Clean construction will always be our way of making product since day one.

Size Chart (centimeters) Width Length Sleeve
S 50 68 61
M 53 72 62
L 56 76 63
XL 59 80 64

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