Glide Shirt Ancient Khaki

$ 136 USD

Mainly inspired by transcendental things. Famed by sci-fi comic book like illustration, artist, Dwiky KA, translates his vision, extraterrestrial object in his works. 

His interesting visuals speaks many things from symbols to story telling. In this second shirt collaboration, we produce familiar composition with new color and illustration.

Our new developed lyocell fabric is versatile, soft & comfortable to the skin. This cellulosic fibers are originated from nature, and sustainable in production. The fabric is biodegradable, and will decomposed after 16 buried in soil.

It has better moisture, and enhancing fabric feel on skin. The fabric character regulate absorption and release of moisture. This resulting a better breathability that can support the body natural temprature.

Size Chart (centimeters) Width Length Sleeve
S 50 67 33
M 53 71 34
L 56 76 35
XL 59 80 36

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