Glide Shirt Sphere Grey

$ 136 USD

Adriel Reyhan (@adrieladg) works together with Tangan Besi (@tanganbesi_net) for this special collaborative artwork, the peak instance of symbolism in how humans works entangled with machine new way of doing things.

with experiments in exploring distorted forms, five dimensional spheres, human shape, machinery and buildings. Adriel combined all the visual together but still implemented the negative space to give a certain feel of space filling mechanism he wanted to show.

Words by the artist himself, who believe that relationship between the way humans think with the existence of technology in this modern era, will produce something innovative and also an exciting problem. This is in case is truly the spirit of the new collection - The Empty Room.

Printed on our brand new Lyocell fabric - regarded as one of the most prominent eco-friendly fabric on the market, Lyocell is a biodegradable product. Its manufacture does not produce waste and byproducts considered harmful to health or the planet, while cellulose, its main ingredient, is obtained from wood pulp originating from well-managed forests. Anti-bacterial and moisture absorbent, and physical advantages such as higher durability, smoothness, elasticity and are very resistant to wrinkles.

Size Chart (centimeters) Width Length Sleeve
S 50 67 33
M 53 71 34
L 56 76 35
XL 59 80 36


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