Ground Jacket Sashiko Woven Navy

$ 156 USD

Years of developing our renowned Kendogi fabric, has lead us to where we are now. When you dig deep enough, sometimes you find out that what's on the surface is what you were really looking for - what defines you from the very beginning.

The new kendogi fabric takes form in a familiar way - Sashiko. That's why we call this new fabric: The Sashiko Woven fabric. It's only fair if we give this fabric a classic, everlasting form too; The one an only - Ground Jacket. With a bold military presence infused right in from our earlier years, the Ground Sashiko Woven is the definition of a comeback.

Four pockets in front signifies the classic cut. Adjustable and expandable fit, gusseted with jungle metal camo jacquard fabric. The Sashiko Woven also brings main features from its Kendogi predecessor, which are the 100% cotton sturdiness and durability, with the added breathability from its pores. Guaranteed, this is the jacket you want to pick for every situation and weather.

Size Chart (centimeters) Width Length Sleeve
S 51 68 61
M 55 72 62
L 59 76 63
XL 63 80 64

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