Jungle Jersey Sateen Destruction Navy

$ 13,600 USD

Different places, different ideas, different time, combined in one garment. Taking shapes from sport jersey infused with tropical combat uniform. A picturesque design that taking a deep root in historical pieces.
This time we use a heavy lustrous satin fabric, and embellished with rayon embroidery. The fabric nature is light but stiff, and has a high shine character. When you look at the back embroidery closer, you can see a three dimensional design that combines yarn and fabric patch. The design is an appropriation of classic souvenir jackets from Vietnam war era.
The four pockets are functional yet historical. Pockets of an army fatigues during the Vietnam war, that was firstly used in the late 60s. It has a concealed buttons, because the army found that the exposed buttons had a tendency to snag on brush, and addressed this issue. The buttons on the combat uniform were covered.
We continue to be interested in new things that seem old, and old things that seem new. With this piece, we do not only challenge the idea of making something out of clashing the past and the future, but also crossing the line of standards in utility garments. Out of all things, this is our own way of contributing to modern design.


Size Chart (centimeters) Width Length Sleeve
S 50 67 33
M 53 71 34
L 56 76 35
XL 59 80 36

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